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MS .Net error on solution start

I've been having problems with Measurement Studio since I installed it on my new laptop.  Now it has begun giving me the following error if I try to start a .net Measurement solution:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at NationalInstruments.VSDesigner.Wizards.VsProjectWizard.a()
   at NationalInstruments.VSDesigner.Wizards.VsProjectWizard.LoadGeneratedProject()
   at NationalInstruments.VSDesigner.Wizards.VsProjectWizard.Execute()
   at NationalInstruments.VSDesigner.Wizards.VsWizard.Execute(Object application, Int32 hwndOwner, Object[]& contextParams, Object[]& customParams, wizardResult& retVal)

Help, please. I've already tried removing VS .Net, MS for VS .net, and all other NI software, but it just seems to get worse.

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Hi Joe,

I have a few questions for you so that we can try and figure out what may be happening here.  First, what version of Measurement Studio have you installed on this computer?  Also, do you have C# and VB both installed?  Or do you just have one installed?  We have seen similar behavior when people have only Visual Basic installed so I want to figure out if this may be applicable to you.


Caroline Tipton
Data Management Product Manager
National Instruments
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I was using MS 7.1 Standard.  I had the entire Visual Studio installed, not just VB.  I've gotten past this by re-installing the entire OS and everything, but I'm still having problems.  When I attempted to install MS yesterday, after doing a fresh install of Visual Studio, it locked up the machine when it asked for the driver disk.  I noticed this last time, but didn't pay it any attention.  Now I have MS installed, but no drivers.  I will load them from another NI product disk that comes with some of our hardware.  That disk doesn't seem to give me the same problem.
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