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modifying and gate

modifying and gate

I am using two signal inputs along with AND gate in LabVIEW. I want to have some priority for my signal. Like if input 1 is in the ON state, the output (system) will be in the OFF state but if signal 2 gets ON then the system (output) will be in the ON state. I want that if signal 2 gets into the ON state after the signal 1 then the system (output) must be in the off state. How do I do it? 

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Re: modifying and gate

Hey b3b,

You could use a case structure based on the state of signal 1.  If signal 1 is high you can output off and if signal 1 is low then you can have the output follow signal 2.  Take a look at this article for more information on case structures: Please post back if you have any additional questions.

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