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how can i read external .vascr file ?

I want to in the case of the program structure does not change, only change from vascr (Vision Assistant), apply the program changes, just update vascr file for program use

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Could not understand your question

But you can directly use Vision assistant and call vascr file in LabVIEW vision assistant express VI (Although you can modify the script with express VI as well)..!
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First not sure whether i understood question clearly
-So you want to update the vision assistant script to modify something but not code?
-To my knowledge, you can only open vision script with Vision Assistant only.
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When I build a program, just want to change from the outside .vascr, so that the original program without the changes, it has been updated.

In other words, I just want to change the visual parameters from the outside, in order to modify the program

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use case structure with several .vascr, file then you can switch between them
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The closest to what you describe can be done by using the Vision Assistant Express VI.

When you drop the Vision Assistant Express VI, it launches Vision Assistant and you can create your vision processing algorithm.

When you close Vision Assistant, the software will generate the code implementing your algorithm, as well as the vascr file in the Express VI.

To update the vascr file and code generated in the Express VI, just double click on it. You will be able to edit your script in Vision Assistant.


However, there is no way to programatically open a vascr file and run it (ie, you can't have a path to a vascr file on your diagram, open it and run it).


What you describe is possible with another software called Vision Builder AI, and a feature called the Vision Builder AI API.


Hope that makes sense.




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