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Vision Builder Inspection Migration to LabVIEW Error

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I have migrated my inspection to LabVIEW, but I am getting the following error when I run

"An error occurred loading VI '', LabVIEW load error code 22: This VI was compiled on another platform and can only be loaded in full development version of LabVIEW 

VI Path:<b>/c/Configuration FIles/</b>".


I have the full version of LabVIEW (15.0(32 bit)) and Vision Builder (2015(32 bit)).

Vision Builder Inspection has the following steps: Acquire Image, Vision Assistant, Match Pattern Set Coordinate System, Caliper and Calculator. The error is originating at Calculator step and hence I am getting Image results but not calculator results, which I need for further processing in LabVIEW. 

My Target Device is IC3173 Industrial Controller. Vision Builder Inspection is created in the target. Add in LabVIEW the Target is added to the project and all the necessary files and folder.

Please let me know if there is a solution. 

I have attached the error image.





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The Migrate Inspection to LabVIEW does not create a LabVIEW project targeting the IC-3173. To be able to run the generated code on the IC requires you to have LabVIEW RT installed, and create a project targeting the IC-3173.

Add the IC-3173 to a LabVIEW project, then drag and drop the content of the code generated under the IC target.

Also Copy the Configuration File folder in the C folder on the IC.

Then double click on the Inspect Main VI in the project and run it. LabVIEW will deploy it and run it on the IC. Note that doing that will stop VBAI from running on the IC. To run VBAI again, and be able to connect it from the VBAI application running on the PC, you'll need to set VBAI as the startup application on the IC from the VBAI Welcome screen.


A few thoughts: migrating the inspection to LabVIEW is an advanced feature intended for customers who need to integrate the Vision VBAI inspection to a larger LabVIEW application running on the target.

If you are just interested in automating VBAI from LabVIEW running on a host machine, I would encourage you to look at the VBAI API instead.

With the VBAI API, the IC still runs VBAI. You're just controlling it from a remote LabVIEW with commands to open an inspection, run it once (synchronously) or continuously, and retrieve results and images from LabVIEW. API examples are installed in C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\Vision Builder AI 2015\Examples\API Examples\LabVIEW Examples


Hope this helps.




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Thank you for the reply.

Yes I did include the target(ic3173) and put everything under it in LabVIEW project. I wanted LabVIEW RT to run another vi along with the hence cannot use VBAI API as this requires VBAI specifically. 

I have however came up with a workaround. The problem as far as I could understand is that in the calculator step I had some LabVIEW numeric blocks and when migrating the inspection this part is getting converted to a vi and stored at Configuration Files folder. The problem with this is when I run the inspection from target this vi doesn't get loaded, even though I have configuration files folder inside /c/ in the target as required. There is some compatibility issue. 

Since this part of the code is LabVIEW code I just added the code in the migrated inspection(Inspect State Exec in LabVIEW eliminating the calculator step from the inspection in VBAI.

Thank you again.



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