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OCR Training Problem (Train all characters not working)

Hello everyone,


I am using VBAI 2020 with VAS 20.0 for OCR application.

Hardware, Industrial PC with CPU core i3 6th generation / RAM 8GB / SSD Drive 120GB.

I found a problem when I tried to train character via OCR training interface.

The problem is when I chose 'train all characters' option, OCR training interface does not perform any training. So far, I have to change method to 'train single character', which take a lot of time to complete as I need to do it one by one.
Does anyone have same problem? Is there any solution for this?




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There is another clue that might help.
This problem occurs when using VBAI 2020 (64-bit).
VBAI 2020 (32-bit) is working fine.

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