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ISC-1782 smart camera not recognized in NI MAX



I installed NI Vision Acquisition Software 17.5 (Release date: 01-23-2018) in my Windows 10 Dell Precision 7520 Mobile Workstation. But my ISC-1782 smart camera (with Windows 10 IoT) is still not recognized in NI MAX. The camera LEDs seem normal. Power LED is green, status LED is orange, use LED is off, and 100/1G LED is blinking green. There is a yellow triangle warning sign on the network icon of my laptop.


Please advise how to solve the problem. Thanks!

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If I'm understanding your setup correctly, I believe what you're seeing is expected behavior. If your 1782 had NI Linux RT, it would show up in MAX on your Dell as a remote device. Since it has Windows, it should not show up as a remote device. With the controllers running Windows, the expected work flow is to connect a monitor to the target directly and you can open MAX there and see the sensor as a local device. This is consistent with other controllers such as the Windows variants of the IC-317x, IC-312x, etc.


Here's a link to the getting started guide for more info.


Hope this helps,


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Hi Katie,


Thanks for your reply. When I ordered the 1782 camera, I did not realize the difference between NI Linux RT and Windows. I thought they both can be used as a remote camera device for my laptop via a network cable. Is there any way I can config the Windows camera to be used as a remote device in MAX on my laptop? Or is there any way I can install NI Linux RT to my camera? 


Thanks a lot!


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Definitely as long as the camera is running Windows, you'll not be able to configure it to be used as a remote device in MAX from your laptop. You could use Remote Desktop or VI server to do things on the camera, but you'll not be able to get the same experience of the smart camera being a remote device.


In regards to switching your smart camera to use NI Linux RT instead, the official answer is no, that's it's not supported to switch OSes in the field. I would definitely contact support though and see if there's anything they can do for you.



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Katie, thanks a lot for your reply! I will contact NI Support to see what they can do for this issue.

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Got it solved? from support?

I have similar issue. The vision builder AI software recognizes the camera but the status is never ready for configurations. it stays in inspecting state forever.


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Hi, Katie.

We have silimar issue. We want to use Vision builder AI in development PC for ISC-1782. Do you have any support from NI ?

Help !!!

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Hi Vabinguyen,


You have a Windows ISC-1782? If you want to use it as a remote target, you need the Linux version. Contact support to see if they can help you convert it. That's the only help I can give, as there is not an official mechanism available to switch the OS.



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Thank you so much !Smiley Sad

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