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Error 0xBFF6901B timeout using JAI GO-5101 camera with MAX

Having a LV 2018 project and was trying to change the old firewire camera to a GigE, a JAI's GO-5101.  Using a standard Intel network card (not MPro1000), I was struggling to make it works in MAX while it was working perfectely in the 'eBus Player for JAI' that is provide with the camera.


I've check multiple articles on the that 'Timeout' error.  I did check everything : firewall, network card drivers(!), play with all 'Camera Attributes' and 'Acquisitions Attributes' in MAX...  I spend a day on that but no success...  


Next day I tested on a identical PC and it works on the first try without configuring anything... No firewall change, no camera settings...  Just plug and play!   The reason : the 'eBus SDK' was not installed on the second PC...  I had try to not selected in the properties on the original system but it wasn't enought it seems, it needs to be uninstalled.


So if you're planning to use a JAI camera in a Labview project don't install the 'eBus SDK' (or uninstall it after you changed the IP address of the camera).


Hope it will help someone!

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Thanks for that advice as I'm soon to purchase a JAI camera.

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