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Compare two images

I want to compare two images that is taken 1 second a part. (Subtracting image1 from image2)
Vision Assistant uses the original image as image1, but image2 has to be from a file.
Am I wrong?  If not, how do I save image2 to a file?
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Hi Gert,
Vision Assistant is a prototyping tool and as such has some limitations.  You will be able to acquire the images and subtract them but you will need to program in LabVIEW.  You can build the Vision Assistant script into a LabVIEW VI by going to Tools>>Creat LabVIEW VI.  This will be a great place to start.  You can also use the add (search for adding in the example finder).  This example shows how to create buffers for each image and perform the addition (or subtraction in your case).  Let me know if you need any additional assistance.

Best Regards,
Brooks W.
National Instruments
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Hello Mr Brooks,
I dont have any of the toolkits.I have just installed a basic Labview tool 8.5.
Now i want to compare two images and report if they are same.How can i do this.
Can you plz explain with the block diagram.
Thank you very much
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Sorry for not specifying the requirement in detail.
The solution yuo gave me for comparing is fine.Thanks for that.
First of all i would have 10 images.Each will have an unique label.
So if i input a label, then it has to search for that labelled image among the 10 images and i need to get that image displayed on the screen.
For example if i input "xyz" as a label, i should get the corresponding image of that label.
Is it possible in lab view.
Plz explain me with the help of block diagram
Thanks in advance.
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When you say label, can you use a file name instead? If so, you can wire a control to the path input of Read JPEG and select the appropriate file to be displayed on your front panel.

Does this make sense?

National Instruments
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Hi Michelle_B,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually label i mean to say is only a string that we need keep for each image in advance.Like if i have 3 images.

A.jpg, B.jpg, C.jpg.I need to assign labels to these images as

"abc" for A.jpg

"xyz" for B.jpg

"pqr" for C.jpg.

Now in the front panel if i input text as "xyz" i need to display B.jpg

Can you explain me how to do this with the help of a block diagram.

Thanks for your support!!


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Hi sam1983,
can you give us an example of your picture, please? Is the position of the string fix?

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Hello Mike,

Actually i dont have any picture of what i am asking about.
The label is fixed for each image.
But i am not getting how i can map the unique lable for each image using labview and
as soon as i type the text how it can show the mapped image.
Can you please tell me how i can do this in the form of a block diagram?

Thanks in advance

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sam1983 wrote:
Now in the front panel if i input text as "xyz" i need to display B.jpg

Hi sam1983,
did you mean, you insert a text in a control and depending on the input you want to load a picture? Til now i thought you want to analyse a picture, to find a special postion with a text marker. Do you have to analyze a picture?
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