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Camera Allied Vision not detected by NiMAX


I have an issue with my Manta G145B ASG from Allied Vision. It is not detected by NiMAX although it is functional when using VImba, the software provided by Allied Vision. I have tried with several computers, and the problem remains. I also used another camera (also a Manta), and the second camera is detected by NiMAX just fine.

Have you ever encountered this problem before ? 

Thanks !



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A longer and outdated similar thread is here:


However, I would start with clearing the folder in that NI MAX keeps camera data:

(1) Close NI MAX

(2) The default folder for camera files is C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data.  If you find a folder "XML" in it: Delete it.

(3) Open NI MAX and search for the camera.  MAX should try to read a XML file from the camera and it should show up in the folder that you have deleted in the last step.  Best case:  Your camera now works.


If that does not work please provide more details.  Most important:  Which version of IMAQdx do you use?

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