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1D Barcode Grading Standard

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I have a question about 1D barcode grading. What standard does Vision builder use to grade 1D barcode? I have seen in 2D barcode reading that we can select ISO or AIM standard for grading 2D barcode, but there is no standard shown in 1D barcode reading.

Anyone can help?

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Accepted by topic author MikeAM

Hi Mike

Good Day! ISO 15416 (formally ANSI X3.182-1990) is a standard that applies to 1D barcodes such as Code 128, ITF, and UPC. ISO 15416 is the standard referenced in the GS1 General Specification. You can find this in this link

In Read 1D barcode does not show any kind of standars to be select but I found some information in Online Help. You can direct to Help >> Online Help and search the 1D keyword. 

The Types of Barcode to Search section stated that Code 128 is one of the type of barcode can be search using this control step. According to ISO 15416, Code 128 is included. So my justification here is the Read 1D Barcode Controls in VBAI is falled under ISO 15416. 

Kindly reply the post if you need further support. Thank you! 

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Hi Elson,


Thank you got your reply.

Your answer helps me a lot.

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You are welcome Mike! Have a nice day! 

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I have new question about 1D barcode grading.

I created Code39 online, so my image of the code is pretty clear.

But when I use 1D barcode grading, it says overall grade is D.

I also tried to simulate defect on the code but it seemed to be no different.

Anyone can help?

My purpose is to use grading to justify whether printed barcode has any defect on it or not.

(Label got scratches or wrinkle)

Thank you.

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One reason, could be the resolution of your image. The ratio of thin to thick bars will have an affect.

"Another reason for low decodability is excessive bar growth (ink spread), which also tends to adversely affect modulation and edge determination. The creation of barcodes using an improperly designed graphics based software system is a likely cause of low decodability."

If you were to create a higher resolution image this may help. Due to your pixels per inch (72 on a screen) your ratios may be off. When it is read in by a camera the greyscale at the edges of the lines will allow for this, but a direct image will not. 

If you print with a barcode font and then collect the image it should help. Looking at each individual score may also help highlight your printing issue. The overall score is just the worst of all of the scores.

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Hi AgiMikeB,


Thank you for your input.
By the way, if I want to inspect defect barcodes, could it be done on VBAI?
From my reference result images, I create a defect on barcode, but grading still the same.
Is there the way to detect this defect on code?

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