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Using Matrix with SMUs

Has anyone used a switch/matrix with an SMU. We are looking to use only the sense (no guarding). 

Any experiences anyone can share?

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This is fairly common with SMUs and DMMs to help with any voltage drop between the instrument and DUT. The two tutorials below show how to configure a 4-wire measurement through a switch and how to minimize any errors introduced by the switch.


Understanding Switch Topologies


Removing Thermal Offset Errors from Contact, Switch, and Relay Resistance Measurements Tutorial


Also, consider posting your question on either "Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources" or "Switch Hardware and Software". Those forums are monitored by the same group of engineers who support PXI as opposed to the MATRIXx tools. If you have specific questions about wiring, programming, or grounding 4-wire measurements that forum will be more responsive to your questions.


Jake Harnack

Product Marketing - Precision DC

Jake H | Product Manager
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ETOS MATRIX verification activation is controlled using the SUPPICH= and ETOSMATRIX= parameters. This option can be specified using either the batch update utility (IZTUD1U0) or the online transaction program (IZTRAN).


The descriptions of the control card values for the batch update utility (IZTUD1U0) are as follows:
Y specifes that ICH408I informational messages will be suppressed from the IMS control region JES log.
N specifies that RACF® ICH408I informational messages be displayed in the IMS control region JES log when ETV denies authorization.
Y specifies that IMS ETO Support uses its MATRIX modules to perform Transaction/LTERM checking.
N specifies that IMS ETO Support will not perform Transaction/LTERM checking using the ETOS MATRIX data set.
Gordon Bullard & Company
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