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gpibprtk.ko compile error


I downloaded the latest NI-VISA w/ 64bit support - still having problems...

Now downloading the latest 488 software.  The NI-VISA package did not appear to update the

source for gpibprtk.ko.  So for now the problem still stands.

Any help appreciated



Hi All,

I perhaps posted this in the wrong group, so I'll post it here.


Using redhat enterprise 5 on a 64 bit dell workstation.  Labview professional 8.6 fresh install.

I need to get NIVISA configured/running to communicate with test instruments on a LAN using VXI-11.

Don't have a GPIB card - all communication/control will be over a LAN/TCPIP.

Can't run VISA utilities because module gpibprtk.ko can't be found.

Searching the forums, this seems to be a 64bit / 32bit issue.  Running updateNIDriver and observing the output gets me to this:


/bin/mv objects/gpibprtk.ko objects/gpibprtk-interfaceFile.ko
ld -r objects/gpibprtk-interfaceFile.ko objects/gpibprtk-processed.o -o objects/gpibprtk.ko
ld: Relocatable linking with relocations from format elf32-i386 (objects/gpibprtk-processed.o) to format elf64-x86-64 (objects/gpibprtk.ko) is not supported
make: *** [objects/gpibprtk.ko] Error 1
ERROR: failed to build gpibprtk.ko
gpibprtk.ko failed to update.
WARNING: could not unload module nipalk from memory
nipalk.ko successfully updated.
Update of National Instruments drivers failed.


it would appear that the module is 32bit and won't link to a 64 bit kernel.  I'm by no means the expert on compiling and linking, but the link

error seems to be the central problem - no link =  no module = no workie.

So, I assume I need this module loaded to get my VXI-11/LAN stuff to work even though I'm not using GPIB - at least not the hardware interface.

I've attached the output from updateNIDriver for reference.  All software is from the CD - workstation has no external access - although I can "sneakernet" stuff onto the system.



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Update #2.

I downloaded and installed ni4882-2.5.4b1-release.tar.gz.  This contained the source for ni488k.ko which compiled and installed OK.

VISA interactive utility can now talk to a LXI instrument on the lan, so it looks like we're up:)

I assume the new version of NI-VISA now calls ni488k.ko to be loaded if not there rather than gpibprtk.ko.

I would have thought the driver would have been included in the NI-VISA 64 bit ISO update package since I thought that this is where the orginal 488 source files came from, but apparently, you need both - maybe because the 488 driver is still in beta?

So it appears that I've answered my own question - by installing some updates, but I'll leave this here in case it is useful to someone else.

Since the workstation is stand-alone, the automagic update approach is not an option - the old fashion read the error msg and solve it is required here:\


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I thought I marked this earlier, but apparently not. The fix I posted worked.


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