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Installing Visa + NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 7.10

After the installing NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 7.10 with successful (more info see how to),  I am focusing my efforts in VISA installation.  After the installation of ni-488.2 three new modules have been included in the kernel: nikal, nipalk and gpibprtk. The version of nikal installled is 1.8 but the nipal's version is very old exactly 2.0.0. If I try run ./INSTALL of visa I find several problems of dependencies. Any way now I'm using alien and I'm creating .deb packages. I can not install every packages, I have problems with nidmi and nipxirmi, but ( and this is my question):

Which packages included in VISA are essential to work gpib-card?

How many kernel modules are essential  to work gpib-card?

Remember that the packages included in VISA are:

listOfComponentsInInstallOrder="nikal nipal nirpc niorb nidim nipxirm nicvirte lvruntime nivisa nivisadevelopment nivisaconfig nivisaserver nispy"


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I think that I have already found that I was looking for...installing visa on ubuntu 7.10. Several packages included in Visa 4.2 haven't been installed in my computer (nidmi and nipxirmi), but I think that my PCI-GPIB card is working properly. Today I can measure a voltage channel from my agilent 34970A, and I hadn't any problem. I don't know if the packages that I haven't able to install it will produce failures in the future. In order to check my installation I going to keep the equipment measuring during this weekend. I hope that the PC doesn't explote,  because in that case I'm going to remember another U2's  song : sunday bloody sunday.

If everything works fine I promise, like a christmas present,  I'm going to make a how-to where I will comment how to install ubuntu 7.10+labview 8.2+NI-488.2+VISA 4.2 from the begining to the end.

Merry christmas

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