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windriver developed driver integration in labwindows

how can a driver developed (ANSI "C" compatible)for visual studio 2005 can be used to develop application in labwindows/CVI.....which files need to be copied and where ??

I tried to compile the project AS IT IS generated for Visual studio but it gives many warnings and some ERRORs also...i included some paths for the header files and some errors removed but not all....


My original VS2005 Project and CVI project both are attached herewith...


it will be best if you can send some source files or projects built for CVI as per my scenario..


looking forward to your prompt response..


best regards


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Hey Matrix,

I found a Developers Zone that goes over how to add a C/C++ library into CVI,you not only need to import he .lib file but also make sure the .h and .dll file are in the same directory as the LabWindows/CVI project.

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