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VISA Write Problem (char)

I added printf("%s\n",Addr) after the GetCtrlVal function. It indicated that the Addr string was exactly what I typed in on the front,"USB0::0x0957::0x0407::MY44034220::0::INSTR".

The error indicated "invalid resource reference"(VI_ERROR_INV_RSRC_NAME).

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So it seems that the VISA help has changed - the constant is the same, but the 'translation' is different....?


My help says


Invalid resource string (parsing error). (VI_ERROR_INV_RSRC_NAME)


In any case: parsing error indicates an error with your string. If this string, entered via your UI, looks fine, i.e. the same as the working string entered directly in your code, all I can guess is that there might be a invisible character, either missing or superfluous. You can check this by using a breakpoint and inspect the Addr value in variable or memory view.


My suspicion would be a line feed or carriage return character


Ha - I just found out that you DO have an invisible character: Try to copy your text from the previous post, i.e. USB0::0x0957::0x0407::MY44034220::0::INS​TR, into Notepad: you will see that at the end there is a character between INS and TR....

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Thank you.There's no error. But as I pointed out in the very beginning, the instrument didn't act at all. eg, I send reset command to it but it didn't act. While I send commmand by MAX or Agilent IO Libraries, the instrument react normal.

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The Addr string problem has been solved. Now the problem is in the command to be sent.

switch (event)
			GetCtrlVal (panelHandle, PANEL_ADDR, Addr);
			GetCtrlVal (panelHandle, PANEL_COMMAND, Comm);
			errstat=viOpenDefaultRM (&defaultRM);
			//if(errstat != VI_SUCCESS)
			//	printf("viOpenDefaultRM() Problem\n");
				//errstat=viOpen (defaultRM, "USB0::0x0957::0x0407::MY44034220::0::INSTR", VI_NULL, VI_NULL, &vi);
				errstat=viOpen (defaultRM, Addr, VI_NULL, VI_NULL, &vi);
			if(errstat != VI_SUCCESS)
				printf("viopen() Problem\n");
				printf("Open USB Dev just fine\n");
				//errstat=viPrintf (vi, Comm);
				errstat=viPrintf (vi, "*RST\n");
				if(errstat != VI_SUCCESS)
					printf("viprintf() Problem\n");
					printf("VisaWrite USB Dev just fine\n");
			viClose (vi);
			viClose (defaultRM);
	return 0;

 If I use errstat=viPrintf (vi, "*RST\n"), the instrument acts normal. If I use errstat=viPrintf (vi, Comm) instead, the instrument didn't act ,with no error.

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The Addr string problem has been solved.


How did you solve it?


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Concerning your command string: are you sure the command string Comm also includes a final "\n"?

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About the Addr string format.AS you pointed out,the Addr string should be complete.There's a "?" between INS and TR in the Addr string at first.Secondly, the string cannot include "" .

Thank you very much. I'll do more debug to see the problem about the command.

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