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RegExpr_FindPatternInText Link Error

I'm trying to use function RegExpr_FindPatternInText.  I have included regexpr.h at the top of my source file, and I have regexpr.fp loaded and added to my project.  The program compiles just fine, but won't link.


The link error is       Undefined symbol '_RegExpr_FindPatternInText@36 referenced in "main_updated.c".


What else must I do to get the program to link this function in?



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If you have moved regexpr.fp ro regexpr.obj after you added it to your project, it can cause confusion when CVI tries to link. You can load the fp file from either the toolbox directory or you can copy both it and the obj file to your project directory and then load it from there. Once you load the fp and your project links correctly, then add the instrument to your project so that the relationship is saved with your project.

National Instruments
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