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Portable device - MTP (copy files from camera to local directory)



I am trying to create a program that allow me to copy files from usb connected camera to local directory in PC.

The traditional functions like GetDir() or SetDir() or DirSelectPopup() is not working because the camera folder is not mapped as any drive.

May somebody can help or send any example how to see the files (Pictures) in a camera.


Thank you very much


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There is some documentation about using MTP on MSDN.

And there is a library written in C#  here

Mightbe also looking into the sourcecode of libmtp helps. But this was written for linux.

But I didn't find any ready to use code for CVI.


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There are ways to map an mtp device to a directory, for instance with jmtpfs. I use it all the time and I have my own scripts (not C program, each tool for each job I guess) to sort through the connected devices and copy what's necessary to where they need to be...

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