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Memory leak using imaqDispose

Memory leak using imaqDispose

Hi !


Thanks to everyone who spend some time  on my problem


I don't understand why, but the imaqDispose function create memory leaks.

For exemple,  when I try :


    StraightEdgeReport2* straightEdgeReport = NULL;


     while( i<6000 )
             straightEdgeReport = imaqStraightEdge(image, roi, IMAQ_SEARCH_DIRECTION_LEFT_TO_RIGHT, edgeOptions, straightEdgeOptions);    





After a while, I've got an error message that said I haven't enough memory to create a straigthEdgeReport. I tried to use the free() fonction, but I got the same error.

I work with LabWindows 8.5.0.


Thanks, A+.


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Re : Memory leak using imaqDispose

Hi Sadalsud17,

This was reported to R&D (#128911) for further investigation.  Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards

Yann C.


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Re : Memory leak using imaqDispose



I reopened this topic because of some changes.

Untill the bug is fixed, I simply avoid to use imaqStraightEdges in loops. I have some memory leak (4Ko each time) but it still working.


However I recently installed the update Vision 8.6.4 (I did it because I had memory leaks with imaqLearnPattern3).

Now, each time I call imaqStraightEdges I have almost 100 Mo of memory leak, so my programm crash eventually.


I need both imaqStraightEdges and imaqLearnPattern in my project...Does anyone know how I can fix this problem or when R&D will release a version without memory leak ?


Thanks again for any help,

Best Regards.

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回复: Memory leak using imaqDispose

Dear ALL:

      I also meet this question when using imaqStraightEdge,


 StraightEdgeReport2* edgereport=NULL;





the red color code may cause the Access error!

Thanks for any help......



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