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How to integrate Python in CVI

Hi Everyone...


Recently at my work there is a demand to use Python scripts and modules from within CVI.

I have basic CVI 2010 and trying to understand if it is possible to integrate Python scripts and/or modules into CVI code.

What would help is to see some example code maybe?

Or NI documentation  and explaination how to do this?


Thank you,


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Did you search the forum? There are some discussions about it, see e.g. here or here

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Yes, I read these posts but still not clear where to start.

Do I need to install the whole Python environment on the same machine as CVI and then point to different Python include files?

Do I need to have Pythonxx.dll and .lib and .h somewhere and then point there in CVI code?

How do I run Python script fromCVI?

I have too many questios and need some initial guidance to start understanding this...


Thank you!

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Hi Alex H,


To answer your question :


The answer to the first question is yes. These questions are concerned with how to use pithon in c not necessarily CVI. If you search for how to call python code from c you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you create your applications.




Perry S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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