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How to disable warning for external file modification

Hello everyone,

I'm using LabWindows/CVI 2017 with an external text editor (Visual Studio Code), because IMHO this is the best editor regarding syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and much more.

So I'm basically using CVI just for GUI editing, building and debugging.


My problem here is, that every time I used the external editor, CVI is warning me with "File XYZ has been modified on disk since was last loaded", which is annoying and time-consuming.


Labwindows Warnung.png


I found this short article, but it is not helping: Notification of External Modification 


Other IDEs, like IAR Embedded Workbench, do not show this warning.

Does anyone know way to disable this warning or a similar workaround?

Thank you!

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I don't think you can easily disable this annoying behavior, because it looks like "hard coded" feature. With some kind of reverse engineering, probably.

But you can compile CVI app from command line without CVI IDE — just setup appropriate build option in VSCode, this will decrease amount of necessary switches between IDEs.


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