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Control tooltip question



I have a question concerning control tooltips. 

My application has tooltips attached to some controls on the main panel, when there is no particular user activity tooltips are properly displayed but as soon as the user activates periodic functions (a code is periodically executed using a timer callback) tooltips are not displayed anymore.


What could impact tooltip display ? I have tried to remove many things from my periodic function (ProcessDrawEvent, SetSleepPolicy ...) without succes ... any idea will be the welcome




Labwindows/CVI user since version 4.0
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I have no idea Smiley Wink

I am using tooltips and a UI timer (0.05 s) without noticing such problems (CVI2013SP2). So maybe you could provide some more details: what version of CVI are you using, what's the frequency of the timer, is it a regular or an async timer, what are the tooltips delay times?

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Hi Wolfgang,


Thanks for your answer, I am working with CVI2013SP2.

A short sample is better than a long explanation ... I have isolated the problem, it seems that using LoadPanel inside a timer callback hide the control tooltip even if the loaded panel is not displayed.


In the sample (derived from tooltip sample), switching the "tooltip bug" toggle button to "enabled" will prevent the tooltips to be displayed except if you set delay to 0. In that case the tooltip will just flash.


Is LoadPanel function acting on the focus when the panel is not shown ?


Best regards,





Labwindows/CVI user since version 4.0
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Interesting... Smiley Wink


It seems that loading another panel switches off the tooltips... (I would assume that the tooltips automatically get assigned to the new panel but that the discard does not switch it back)

Note that if one loads the panel as child panel using


everything is fine...


I further shortened your example, it's attached below, maybe NI will have a look...



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...actually it would be nice if NI could comment on this behavior and enlighten us Smiley Wink

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Admittedly tooltips are not the most important feature of CVI, but still the behavior observed above looks unexpected Smiley Wink

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Hi all,


for me it is an expected behaviour. If you load an other panel into memory, the focus is lost from the actual panel. Therefore the tool tip disappears. if the tooltip will be loaded after 1 second, but every 0,5 seconts there is the focus lost, then the tooltip will never appear. Otherwise, the tooltip will disappear, if the focus gets lost. 


Did you expect an pther behaviour?


Best Regards, Fabian


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Hello Fabian,


thanks for looking into it.


I would fully agree with you if you would argue with displaying the panel. Of course, if you display another panel the current focus is lost. But why should this be true for loading a panel into memory?

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Hi Wolfgang,


today I tested it with an older Run-Time Version (9.0) It seems that in older Run-Time, there was an other behaviour. In the Older Run-Time, The tooltip dioes not disappear, if the Panel is loaded into memory. So it behaves differently. So I will create a CAR (Correction Action Request) on that. 


As a workaround, please load the panel at the beginning pf the source code, and display it if it is needed. 


Thank you for your help in improviong the CVI software!



Best, Fabian

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@farora wrote:

Hi Wolfgang,


Thank you for your help in improviong the CVI software!

My pleasure - it is in my own interest Smiley Wink

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