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CVI program won't start anymore

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Our measurement application worked well on several PC's (Win7 32Bit, WinXp 32Bit).


But on 2 newer PC's (Win7 32Bit) the application won't start anymore.

The attached Error with the code R6030 shows up.


We found a workaround for the problem: run the application as administrator.

But after we installed a USB-driver, this workaround doesn't help anymore,

and the Error shows up every time.


We installed the environment (cvi-rt, etc...) with an distributed setup.

So the Versions of the components are the same on every PC.


Any ideas?

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Okay we solved the problem,


the cause was, the HP-Software, which was preinstalled on the PC's (the others were Dells)

After uninstalling the HP Security Suite our application works perfect.


I hope this helps other poor guys Smiley Happy

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