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wrong calculation result in excel

Hi all,

In my design it gives the wrong calculation result when the result is 0.may i know why do i get this wrong result?

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Can you explain your code? None of your sequence frames seems to be necessary.

Are you really opening one report and then operate on it in three different places in parallel?

You seem to be creating a standart report. Why not excel?


Please point out  the "calculation" you are talking about on the diagram.


Sorry, your code is very confusing. Maybe you can explain what you are trying to do.

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Thank u for the reply.

can u help me with this?

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Perarasi wrote:

can u help me with this?

  • What is "this"? Please be much more specific. What part is giving you problems, exactly?
  • What is the purpose of the sequence frame? Does not do anything useful.
  • What is the purpose of the "read from measurement file"? You are not using any of the data outputs, so delete it. You are actually reading the file in the next step using read from spreadsheet file.
  • Wy are you wiring the "mark after read" I32 value to "report type"? That makes no sense at all.
  • Couldn't you just do the computations directly in LabVIEW?

Do you have a typical data file? What kind of computations do you want to do on the 2D array data? What output do you expect?


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This is very strange code.  It makes no sense.  I strongly recommend that you write down on a piece of paper, using words (not code), what you want to do, and then think about how you might do it.  Here are some specific things you should specify (to yourself, and to us if you still need our help):

  • What is the nature of the data file being read?  Is it a text (Ascii) file, an Excel Workbook (.xls, .xlsx), a Comma-separated Variable (.csv) file?
  • What kind of data are in the file?
  • What do you need to do with the data?  What computations are required?
  • What form should the output take?  Do you just need a single number?
  • Is there a requirement that an output file be generated?

Here are things that make no sense -- a Wait function, a Read From Measurement File function, the use of the Report Generation Toolkit (why?).


Bob Schor

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P.S. -- I see that I am in complete agreement with Altenbach's comments -- I should have read his post more carefully ...



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Dear sir,

  • The file it should read is a data log file .log file.The calculation has to be done in that file so that i have read that in excel sheet
  • The data's are the numeric values (water flow rate)
  • The calculation formula i have mentioned in the excel formula vi
  • I have to read a particular cell where the calculation has been performed

It gives the correct output after the calculation when it is a non zero value.If the calculated output is zero it returns a negative value some times(not all the time).This is my problem.


Thank you

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@Perarasi wrote:

Dear sir,

  • The file it should read is a data log file .log file.

Datalog files are special. any file can have a *.log extension. That  extension does not say anything about the internal format. Is the log file attached to your first post one of your input files? (You never said that!).


Where is the excel file?


You have not commented on any of my concerns yet.


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