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writing into .csv file sheet 2 and sheet 3

Hello All

I wonder if this is possible

I have a cluster of 3 arrays. I have easiy written the data of one array into csv file. I would like to write the data of other arrays written in

sheet 2 and sheet 3 of the csv file. 


I used simple open, close file function and write txt file function with the file path ending in .csv and it had worked fine. 



Best Regards


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There is no concept of "sheets" for a .csv file.  It is a "plain text" file that uses comma seperated values.  If you are trying to write to a spreadsheet file (for example:  Microsoft's Excel), then this is completely different and would also have a different file extension.

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CSV (Comma Separated Values) files do not support multiple sheets.  Each file is a sheet.



Kelly Bersch
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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What they said.  I'd also like to add that a relativly easy way to do this is to write your files as TDMS which does support 3 dimension data (not just rows and columns) and when using the free TDMS add-in it can open TDMS files into multiple tabs.

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