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write to measurement file resets to 1904

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LV 2014

Windows 7 Professional

64 bit OS


The first run of this vi creates an excel file that is time stamped correctly.

The second and subsequent runs, the time stamp is reset to 1/1/1904 00:00:00.000.


When I click the state 1 button, the USB DAQ's measure temp and voltage. Some calculations happen. 

The data is sent to state 2 via local variables. 

Write to Meas File makes an excel file. Settings as shown in picture. In advanced settings in Write to Meas File, absolute time is checked. 


Can you help me get back to the future? 



vi saved as Main 2014 and 2013 respectively. 


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Accepted by topic author Carmen92126

Open up your Convert To Dynamic Data node.  You have it set to the time to be "Zero".  You want it to be set to "Now".

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Thank you! That worked. 

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no sir, even after implementing it i'm getting the same problem in the  .vi

for the measurement file.JPG

what shall i do then.

here is my .vi shot

for the measurement file vi.JPG

here is the dynamic data attributes that are been set

convert to dynamic data modification.JPG

now please try to clear my quiries

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Hi triptathakur,


I believe your issue is coming from your "Write to Measurement". If you open up that express VI and click on 'Advanced..' in the bottom right corner, you should be able to select a check box "Absolute" to have your time be saved and displayed correctly.

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