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wireless communication


I'm assembling a system which will read a GPS, electronic compass and 34 digital channels into a computer and then transmit the data wirelessly to another computer. I'd like to control the whole thing with LabVIEW.

I thought of using either Wi-Fi or RF for the communication. RF products seem to be somewhat cheaper, although I'm not sure if they are as simple to use as a Wi-Fi router for example. Does anyone have any suggestions about communication systems that would be easy to use, cheap and work with LabVIEW?


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Hi Jon,

I have found some resources that may interest you.  In regards to WIFI with LabVIEW, here is an atricle that talks about how to integrate WIFI with NI products.  I have also found some good tutorials on how to do RF design and basic measurement fundamentals here and here.

I hope this helps,


Applications Engineering
National Instruments

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