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windows 7 & elevated privileges

I've done a bit of searching but can't find an answer to my questions on dealing with elevated privileges in window 7 environment.


1. How to test if current program is running with elevated privilege?

     This would be useful to tell a user that if not elevated they must run the program with elevated privilege (right click run as administrator) and terminating the program.

2. Creating a program that needs elevated prifilege and prompts user with Yes/No for elevated privilege.

     This way they don't have to right click and run as administrator.

3. Test to see if a user has elevated privileges.

    Tell the user that they don't have the required rights to run elevated processes.


This woud help improve the interface to the casual user that isn't interested in windows 7 security. I don't think there is a resource that explains in detail of building applications that are windows 7 security aware.



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Hello Viper,


I investigated about the issue and it seems it is a complex application, and they usually used .NET to check the user privileges. I’m linking two articles on how to determine if the user has administrator privileges and an example of the interface you could incorporate.


Simple LabVIEW User Log-In Demo (Admin and Operator User Accounts)


KB How Can I Programmatically Determine if a Windows User Has Administrator Privileges?


Best Regards,

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amezam, Thanks for the refs. A comment at the bottom of this one by Jroonk inspired the attached vi.



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You can create a manifest file to go with your exe which tells Windows it needs to be run with elevated privileges. There are some details on this at although I thought I had found a simpler example previously but can't find it now. This will prevent a customer running it without the require privileges and may simplify your application code.
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