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wait till camera update



I´ve a timing problem. I wrote a vi which analyse a video image. If the User select a ROI on the video image it create a histogram.
The histogram is updated when a new ROI is selected or if any other value of the camera parameter change. For exampel the exposure time (Belichtungszeit). And there is the Problem. In the event structure i create an user event for this case. That means camera parameter -> value change -> user event "Histogram". Also when mouse click up to the image -> user event "Histogram".


But when I change the expsure time or some thinge else the camera need some time to update the image. The Histogram is updated before the image is updated. And i don´t know on which parameter i can control this. Because the Buffer Number runs continuously.


By the way the Camera type is: PIKE F-145C by the company Allied Vision Technologies (AVT)


I hope you can understand my problem. I did my best to describe it.



Thanks for your help!





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Dear Nattdis,


this is Jan Göbel from National Instruments.

I've just tried to have a look at your VI, but i couldn't open the zip-file. I can open it to view the Data, but i'm getting an error when trying to extract ist. Can you please upload another zip- or 7z-file with your Project?

Thank You!


Kind Regards,

Jan Göbel

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