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virtualbench and labview 2020

Is there an update for VirtualBench in Labview 2020 it appears to stop at 2018? Or does VirtualBench work with NXG? 

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I don't know if there have ever been drivers for VIrtualBench in NXG.  Supposedly, a LabVIEW 2019 version of the driver is coming.  I have heard nothing about a LabVIEW 2020 driver version.

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Any update about LV 2020 support for VirtualBench? Why isn't more straight forward?

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Replying to an old thread, just for information.


I think following these instructions might work. I have done it on a LV2020 installation after installing the 2019 VirtualBench driver. I have not yet tested it, but I have full access to the menus and the VIs seem to be runnable.




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