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ustion about saving

Hello ,

I have a,I suppose that I save the differents parameters , I'D like then
everytime when I modified the differents parameters in my vi to the file Para_MachineFile.txt,I'd like to have the version's number of the file Para_MachineFile.txt.I'd like
that this number's version increase automatically every time I wish to save . To make it, I must add oneline additional at the beginning the file Para_MachineFile.txt( See thefile
Para_MachineFile.txt) but in my, I don't know what modify for readind my File and to write again at the same file Para_MachineFile.txt
with the modification of the version's number.
I send you the differents files.

Thanks you very much for your help, I think it is not difficult but I
don't know what make?
I thank you in advance
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Hello hassanaly_nadine:

It seems that you are collecting all data from the file at the beginning of the vi and replacing all of them after pressing the button. What I did is collect the version number at the start, increment it, and save it again after pressing the button. (Please see attachment) Is this what you asked?

I hope this helps.
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I thank you much for your assistance, it is really what I will want to carry out.
I still have a little question. Let us suppose that I will like to have an original file Para_MachineDefaut.txt, it is this file which will be opened at the beginning of the excecution from my VI.
Now, When I click on the button "Enregistrer", I will like to carry out the recording in another file (Para_Machine1.txt).What I must do in this moment?In other words, I will thus want that it don't ecrase the «Para_MachineDefaut.txt» file, but that the recording is done in another «Para_Machine1.txt» file with the number of version well on.
I thank you in advance!
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Hello hassanaly_nadine:

Well, you can close the reference first, then open another reference containing "Para_Machine1.txt"
(Please see attachment)

Anyway, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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