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using global variables

Most reactions were on expected lines the moment  "Global Variables " was mentioned.  This  is akin to  the reactions you get when someone dares to talk about the "GoTo" staement in a "C"  Forum!!  Agreed  each language has some of these  traps.  But  even a trap has a purpose for existence and using it carefully can do no harm.

I saw  the sample code. Yes it is a racy stuff.

Not sure if it will help, but I have tried to bring some discipline into the execution in my attached modified code . Just check it out.


PS : While on this you may find my other post interesting :
Going by the responses I had, there seems little option except to use Globals in THAT particular case and I have been doing it without any problems for the last 2 years or so in machines running 24x7.
LabVIEW to Automate Hydraulic Test rigs.
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Hi all...
Thankyou for all of your responses.
I have changed my program as per your suggestions and it works great.
thanks & regards,
radhika venkataraman
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