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using LPT to generate pulses

Dear Werner,
thanks for ur reply, i got the pulses on the mentioned pins, i mustave messed up when i tried earlier..
a few issues :
1. timing :
i have attached a screen shot of one test..basically, im having trouble with the triggering of a high data pulse....there doesnt seem to be ne provision for setup time....the screen shot will make my problem clear i hope..

2. timeperiod :
as per ur reply i understand that it is not possible to generate a clock signal with a time period lesser than the data signal / shift the entire clk signal itself by a small interval ? is this correct ? ( ideally i would have wanted the clk to have a time period of 10 us )

3. strobe :
at the end of 16 pulses i would want the strobe to be high only for 10 us , and not permanently high this possible?

in short it possible to get the same output as the waveform graph ( in ur modified version, which u have mentioned is for learning purposes/cosmetic only ) on the actual parallel port?

thank you for your patience and help sir,
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Dear Werner,
sorry to disturb u again sir, but im slowly realising how complicated labview really is!

i finally got the right pulses on the lpt, i mustave made some error in the morning when i was making my connections..

a few issues :
mainly regarding the strobe ( i want it to be high only for 10us ) and the triggering of the high data pulses..

i have attached a picture that correctly explains my requirements diagramatically....this is an actual snapshot of the oscilloscope after one of the test runs....with my comments

i hope u will take some time out and help me out ..
greatly appreciate all ur help and timely assistance so far,
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