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usb 201 voltage measurement

I am trying to use a USB 201 to measure a voltage signal. I bought the USB 201 card. But I do not see the card in MAX when I connected the card to the machine through USB. I have installed the drivers.

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Hi Hotha


Do you mean the NI 9201?

Which drivers have you installed?
Please create and attach a 'MAX technical report' which will detail which software and hardware you have installed in the system. (Open MAX, File > Create Report > MAX technical report)

If you do actually mean the 'USB 201' then it will not show up under MAX, as it is not produced by National Instruments and the driver is not part of the DAQmx package. Instead you need to download and use the drivers and LabVIEW driver from their website.


Kind Regards

Chris | Applications Engineer NIUK
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Thank you. It makes sense. Does VISA from labview read the USB 201? Or do I have to use the USB read functions

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You need to go to, download the 'MCC DAQ CD 6.26' and then use the 'ULx for NI LabVIEW™ 2.02' driver for LabVIEW to interface with the board.


Kind Regards


Chris | Applications Engineer NIUK
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Hi try to install it from MCC website and maybe try to check with DASYLAB alsoSmiley Happy

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Just to be clear, the USB-201 from Measurement Computing is not an NI device, and will not show up in the NI Measurement & Automation (MAX) device list.


To use it with LabVIEW, install the ULx for NI LabVIEW from the MCC CD that came with the device. You need to install and run instaCal to initially detect and configure your device before you can use the ULx. Visit the web site for more information, including software downloads and the Knowledge Base. The KB has lots of articles that may apply. You can also request technical support from Measurement Computing, if you need more help. 


To use the USB-201 with DASYLab, you need the most recent DASYLab driver that will ship next week with DASYLab 13. 

Measurement Computing (MCC) has free technical support. Visit and click on the "Support" tab for all support options, including DASYLab.
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