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update data from subvi

right, just like the buffer on my DAQ?

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I am just confused, back to my original question... How can I pull aquired data from a subvi into a local variable/array that i can then manipulate and then display in a variety of ways?

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The buffer for you DAQ device is a hardware buffer.  A queue is a software buffer.  They are similar in that they are first in, first out,  but where they are located is different.


Did you try putting a while loop around the part of yourd code in the main VI like I stated in messages 4 and 6.  Not that I recommend going that route, but it answers your question about subVI's and local variables.

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I tried the while as you suggested.  It does not work.  the intensity graph will update ony if i interupt the continuous daq (with a stop).  basically the same behavior as bofore if i start and stop the main program

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Attach your latest VI's that you say don't work.


I believe it will, but only if you truly did what I was trying to tell you to do.

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