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Hi all

I bought Apogee camera and I want to add trigger in my code but after send 3.3 volt in my camera, my code is not work, I think it has problem in expouser.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I attached my code

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Please provide more details. what voltage signal you are sending? It does not work is pretty broad, please be more specific....

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I am planning on using the camera's trigger for send LVTTL volt but after run the program I see the  code is stopped in ImagingStatus.

I need help outputing a  LVTTL signal from the  trigger to my camera(Apogee camera).

I send this voltage from standford divice but after put TriggerNormalGroup or TriggerNormalEach True  the program is not working and it does not show any  error. I attached the camera guide about trigger.


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According to the image you sent and the VI you sent, you are trying to capture an image every time your Stanford Device sends a pulse. in the VI you sent everything is ok but the While Loop where you expect a value of 3 from the Imaging Status, what is the objective of this Loop?? from the image you sent I understand that you have to write to Imaging Status the value of 1 or >1 to achieve the described funcionality.


Hope this helps you


Have a great day

Juan Arguello Director Support Services @NI
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Did you solve this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I'm facing the same problem right now.


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In order to provide a better support, you can post your specific question in a new forum this will also help with better documentation for the community. Could you also provide your code and error you are observing? What is the end goal of your application so that we can provide an example or guiding points to help you with it!


Hope this helps!

Juan Arguello Director Support Services @NI
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Hi, Juan,


Attached please find my code. The goal is to send an external trigger (LVTTL signal) to pin 1 in the camera's I/O port so that every time the camera receives that trigger signal, it will take a picture. I'm planning on setting "TriggerNormalGroup" to true annd "TriggerNormalEach" to false. But I found the program goes wrong when I set the "TriggerNormalGroup" to true. I have also attach the guide about these two properties.



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