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transfer time stamp from text file into MS Access thru Labview

Hello everyone,


I am Cruz; Long time listener, First time caller.


I am currently monotoring data being collected by an oven. The data is stored in a text file. I am using Labview to take the data from the textfile and place it in an MS access DB for manipulation. The first three columns of the text file are the time stamp of data. When i transfer the data into Access i cant get the first three columns to display as a time stamp. Can have some pointers on what how to get the first three columns to display correctly.


Additional info:

the text file is a 1D array that gets overitten with every new mesurement tanken. the transfer to Acces is to not loos any of the information and to better manipulate the data into forms and such.


Running Labview 2010

attached is code and text file.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Your first mistake is reading the file as DBL. Your first three columns are obviously not numeric values. Did you ever look at the output array? Read it as strings. Second, you would need to combine those first three columns to create an actual time stamp before you write to the db. Unless of course you have one column for date, one column for time, and one column for AM/PM. I would not recomend that type of structure in the db.

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thanks for the response.


I did look at the output array thats how I knew it was wrong. One thing I tried was creating two arrays. and index array  for the first three text columns and one for the rest of the data; but then I dont know how to combine to feed into one table in access. And yes i would like to combine the first three colums to display in one column as the time stamp.



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Thanks to all That help. I managed to get it.

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