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That is an XY graph they used.  The graph is even labelled as such.Smiley Wink

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There is some reponse to the graphs but it still do not react..

i've try to do the changes but still to no valid..

but thanks everyone for the help ..

below is attached the new vi


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Hmmm.  Interesting.


A thread was started in the wrong forum here long before this thread was started.  And the code posted there was much closer to being a working program then any of the earlier code in this thread.


Why wasn't this thread created with all the same information as thw thread in the wrong forum?

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Compare where your index array constant is wired to where it is wired in my screenshot.  And also to where you have it in your earlier code in that other thread.


Use a file path control rather than an empty file path constant.  That way you don't have to give it the same file name every time you run the code.

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