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swap x axis in xy graph around

Hi, I'm using an XY graph. The x axis is speed. It has to start from the max speed (first data value received) and not from 0 or fixed value.

I would also like the x axis to stay autoscale to keep the graph as large as possible on the screen. How can I do this? Any help will be much appreciated! And an example would be great!

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Make sure the x axis is set to autoscale.

Then simply change the max label to 0. So if it originally went from 0 to 10, click on the 10 and type 0. Notice it should have now swapped your data. You can send it new data and it will autoscale reversed.

See the attached
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 I am Avinash. I need to do one project using Labview. It is an Electronic project

1)   we need to read the ASCII data from Excel file using LABVIEW

2)    The Data contains 9 rows,  we need to draw graph between first column(time) and  8th (pressure) ,9th(pressure) columns. starting of that file       contains some unwanted data upto 23 rows So, we need to draw graph from 23th row onwards.

-> From this we will get two waveforms one is between 1st column and 8th column,  the other waveform is between 1st column and 9th column. we need to draw separate graphs for each and including both waveforms.

3) Now we have to count the number of pulses present in the waveform ; maximum and minimum values of the pulses present in the waveform.

4)The data is practical one. So, using filters we have to make that as normal waveform. we need both formats before modification and after modification ( which we modified using filters)

5)Completing the above task, At the end, If we keep the cursor on the filtered wave pulse, It should represent the maximum and minimum values of that particular pulse..

I am attaching one file with this mail, That will be an example

Thanks ans Regards,
Avinash Gogineni.
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Dear Evan,


Is there a way to do it programatically?


With regards




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Hi ssingh,




Do you need some more details? Smiley Wink


Well, look into the create->property node->X axis->... details when right-clicking the graph's terminal...Hint: you want to flip the scale...

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Best regards,

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Hi Avinash,


please stick with your original thread with the same topic or create a completely new thread, when the topic changes!

Best regards,

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Thanks GerdW Smiley Happy
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