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simultaneous read/write a binary file

And what is wrong with a client side engine for each client? Trust me, a well written client/server implementation will be much faster, more responsive, more flexible, more expandable and less trouble overall. The systems I write are all message based and use network connections to communicate. It is not uncommon for my system to have dozens of clients running at one time. In fact, I've developed a messaging system that is publish/subscribe and have integrated Python with this system in the past.


Another system I am working on is a distributed system again with many clients. What happens to your system when the OS decides to do a virus scan while you are running and the file access gets bogged down?

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The Test Sequencer doesn't has a such a feature at the moment.

I can't start an internal engine that will keep such a session open for each spawned vi that will request to talk using this session.

However, I do know what you are talking about.

For example, the Test Sequencer talks via a .net service to a back-end server with SQL. 


I'm testing a VI I didn't take notice till now: Reallocated read from binary file

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