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signal change is not reflected instantaneously

Hi, all

This VI is to operate 3 sCMOS cameras, ETL (electrically tunable lens), and other several devices.



This is the front panel and the important part is marked with yellow lines.

My task is this; When I press "Auto mosaic", the auto mosaic event would operate in the event case below.


Here, the yellow-marked "EDOF offset" is important. Before the sCMOS camera acquires 3 frames, the EDOF offset should be changed (1), (2.5), (3) each in the order.

Then, I started to operate the auto mosaic but I found out that the value shown in the front panel changed only and the actual output signal did not change at all.

This means the change in value is never reflected in real.

But not in the auto mosaic mode but in just live-camera mode, if I change the EDOF offset and select another option in EDOF selection, the change is reflected instantaneously.

Can you guys can help me how to make the actual output of EDOF offset value change instantaneously when auto mosaicking?

Thank you



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It will be hard to help you with a vi that is locked with password. 


But my first thought was to look at your vi. I have never seen that large of a vi. 

And with that many local variables and flat sequence structures. It can't be good. 


You need to change your architecture fast, or you will hit a limit on the size of the vi, and it will corrupt it and you will loose it. 


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+1 to dkfire's comment.

I wouldn't add a single wire or comment to this block diagram until a backup copy of the VI is saved.  This is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Heads up! NI has moved LabVIEW to a mandatory SaaS subscription policy, along with a big price increase. Make your voice heard.
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