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serial communication missing bytes

@Rasoul wrote:

Sorry, I forgot to mentioned that I had changed the suffix of the compressed file, because it was rar file, but it had not been allowed to upload in the forum so I had to changed it to an admissible suffix. I apologize for that.

Thanks in advance

It would have been better if you just made it a real zip file instead of a rar file.

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I have tried using four different computers to run the exe. The communication is perfect with he three computers but its only with one computer that the bytes are missing. The serial port on the computer is OK as using the hyper-terminal, the communication is proper. and YES, connecting the pen drive to one of the USB ports is affecting the communication as i have been observing this for quite a long time now. This sounds pretty wierd but this is true. Is there some setting in the serial port that i am missing which is not creating an issue with other computers but is conflicting with this one computer.

Please help me friends.


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