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I am working on a program in Labview 7.1. It takes in a spectrum running from 0 to 1024 (pixels) on the x axis an 0 to 70000 on the y. The program came with the Jobin Yvon spectrometer I am using. I want the user to be able to select the axis they want to save. At the moment I have it designed that all of the info being displayed is saved to an excel file, but I want the user to be able to select the region they want saved, i.e. on y from 700 to 750 and x from 20000 to 25000. Could someone help me.
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Attached is a vi that extracts the points in the displayed area of a waveform graph.
The basic idea is first to find the array subset corresponding to the x scale, after readind the xscale max and min. Then to find in this array subset the left and right points that are in the range defined by the yscale min and max. Since a waveform graph is a 1D array of evenly spaced data, this is the simplest way of extracting a 1D set of data. Of course, if some data between the left and right hand sides were out of the Y range, they would be included in the extracted set. There is no way to exclude such points without building also a corresponding X array.
The adaptation to XY graphs should not be much more complicated.

Hope that this is what you were expecting.

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