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I created a LV7 vi on one PC of screen size "x".  It fit fine.  Now I ported the code over to a 19 in screen and the vi is too "big".  The buttons and leds are off screen.  I don't want to go thru the excersise of resizing everthing again.  Any suggestions ?  I've played w the propeties portion and that doesn't help.
Also, if I close a subvi with some of the frt panel controls skewed off to one side, even off the screen, when the sub vi is opened by a calling vi thats the way they appear to the user.  I've played w the properties to no avail.
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Well, the monitor size in inches is quite irrelevant. What counts is the monitor resolution in pixels. Most regular (non-widscreen) 19 inchers are 1280x1024, and I would recommend not to exceed that size in any front panel design.

Could it be that the display resolution is set too low in the display properties (possibly by a user with poor eye sight)?

Also check the font size setting in the display properties...appearance. Mske sure it is set to "normal" or the overall size of your panel might change.

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Thanks !  It could be the screen resolution issue.  I never thought of that.  I'll try that and keep you posted.
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For the issue with controls being off the screen, I created a little vi to set the FP origin that can be called every time a user interface screen is called. It is attached.

I make sure all my user interfaces are at 0,0, and thats where this vi sets the origin to, but you can use any coordinates you want.  All you have to do is pass in the vi's path using the "Current VI's Path" function.

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I have LV 7.1
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Here is a pic. 
Bill F
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