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remote target option not available



I am having an issue trying to set a remote target device in my project to build a LLB. I am trying to create it to run on a IC-3173 but I keep getting compatibility errors. The target will be running VBAi and the VIs will be called from a Call Labview VI step. The call Labview Vi step tries to compile the code (as I have added the LLB to the target device just not compiled with the target selected) but it is a just an endless cycle of asking to do try to recompile it and never actually fixes the issue. 


When I try to follow the setup for the compiling to a remote target a I hit a road block because I do not have the option to add a new remote target/device as it instructs to. I am hoping I am just missing a driver or library and any help would be appreciated if you have run into a similar issue. 


I can connect to the IC device in both Ni-Max and VBAi.




Labview 2015 SP1

VBAi 2015 f3



IC-3173 Linux Box (target)

Windows 10 PC (Development)

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Follow up:


Looking through other posts I have seen if you do not have real-time installed that can cause the issue I am seeing but I checked and the real-time module is active.




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Can you include your VIs and LV project so we can try it here? If there are any DLL calls that are Windows specific, this could cause the LLB creation to have problems.




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I think I determined the issue. I was running 64 bit labview and not 32bit labview. I did some more reading into the read me notes for 2015 SP1 and saw that the real-time module is only available for use in 32 bit.


I am able to add a target now but my device was not listed so I am updating the drivers now and see if that fixes my last issue. 

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