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remote pannel control

hello ther,


I am a new to Labview.

Can any body please help me on remote pannel controling.


I have made a simple program.  Now all I want to do is I want to control that Vi remotly from another PC connected in LAN.


I have gone throught a pdf from NI's knowledge base and tried but I could not get the job done.


Waiting for reply

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The process is pretty straightforward. What PDF did you go through, what did you do, and what didn't work?

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I have done all the settings described. And tried to access the VI remotely.  Please let me know if something more is to be done.


The VI  which I made was a simple one, just one numeric control connected to indicator.

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You need to provide more information than that.  What actually happens?  Do you get an error message?  What does it say?

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