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remote desk connection

Nice ideas which I tried out but sadly they don't, work via remote desktop. The tool box just does not behave like other windows. I had considered using property nodes to force windows to the left screen, but this would only work with the front panel, not the code window.
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Hi Barionics,



I've had a play around in LabVIEW with some different ways to move windows and palettes from one monitor to another within LabVIEW. I have a couple of ideas that might help you.



If you can see the front panel of your VI you can select it and press ctrl + t and that will tile both the front panel and block diagram on the monitor that the front panel is on. If you can find a way to use property or invoke nodes to move the front panel to the main monitor as you mentioned you can use this shortcut to move the block diagram too. As for the tools palette the only solution I have found is to restart LabVIEW, either by shutting it down or by using an invoke node set to restart, and then re-opening the VI and the tools palette will re-open on the same monitor that LabVIEW opens on. These steps work for me when I tried them on my PC but I can’t confirm that will definitely work when running remote desktop.



If you would like a faster method I think it would be better to look into your remote desktop software but I will do some more research into moving the tools palette.







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Thanks George, Ctrl t works via remote so I'll experiment.
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