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relation between the IQ rate and carrier frequency

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Hi everyone:

the used software is:labview 2015.

the used hardware:two USRP_2932 ,tethered with MIMO Cable (each with Unique IP Addresses),each USRP is connected to laptop,one for transmission,and the other for reception.

my project is to transmit a text through one of the USRP and receiving it through the other USRP.

my question is:when I uses the configuration[(TX IQ Sampling Rate [s/sec]=2M),(TX Frequency =915M)] for both the transmitter and the receiver,the project working well.

But when I uses the configuration[(TX IQ Sampling Rate [s/sec]1.2M),(TX Frequency =2.2G)],the transmitter send the data but the receiver doesn't receive any thing of the a text.

so I want to know what is the relation between the two configuration(the relation between the IQ sampling rate and the carrier frequency).

thanks a lot.

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You should probably do some reading up on what, exactly, IQ data is.  IQ Data for Dummies is a good place to start.

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