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registering linux copy of labview

We own LabVIEW pro 2017.  I have used it to develop an application that utilizes LabVIEW scripting to create new objects, hence the VI cannot run with just the runtime engine but instead I need a registered version of LabVIEW to run it.  I have been running it in windows successfully for a long time but now have a requirement to run it in Linux as well.


I have installed the 2017 version of LabVIEW for Linux.  It opens my application but errors out the moment it encounters the "create new element" node because that's not supported with the RTE.


My question is this - how do I 'point' this Linux version to my purchased license so that it will run my application?  I don't see a license manager for LabVIEW for Linux.


Thanks in advance!

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While this mentions academic versions specifically, near the bottom of this page it says that LabVIEW for Linux ships in an activated state, so there might not be one...

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