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I have attached a program for reading QR code. This program can read for instance QR codes I generate on web (see attached "QR code") But I can't read QR-code from a picture (see Test_snap_jpg). This picture is snapped with a USB mini camera. The picture is a bit blured, but this shouldn't be a problem for reading the QR code. I've tested to read it directly from the screen with a iPhone QR reader app and it reads it perfectly. The problem is likely related to the format or size of the picture, but I can't figure out. what to do. Someone has an idea?




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Accepted by topic author paalbrok

Your test_snap_jpg.jpg file seems to be corrupted some how.


I downloaded it and tried to open it with LabVIEW, but it reported an error. Your original QR Code.jpg opens in LabVIEW fine.


I tested your images against the zxing online decoder


Your snap image was not recognized, your original QR code file decoded successfully. I did open your snap file in snagit, save it as a png and then open it with LabVIEW. I could see it but not decode it.


I submitted the converted png to the zxing online decoder, it could not detect the barcode in the image.


The problem appears to be in your image file. Not sure where the bands in the image are coming from.

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It works now.


Thank you for your help.

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Hello I'm also facing similar problem.

Can you elaborate how it worked for you?


Thanks in advance


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Hi Sir,


Thanks for your info.

Besides this, i have one question, for this case, you have a ready-made QR pic.

If i want to use my camera to ready the QR code label, what else i need to do ?


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Not sure why report some error, the format of the QR code is not correct ?


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