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pulse width

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I use LabVIEW2010 for measurements pulse width (pulse duration). using DAQ PCI 6052E. That is my program!

But my result not good! help me!

my sensor is Ultrasonic sensor SRF05

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What do you mean by result is not good?


I have few observations


  • You have useed simulate signal and passed it to the DAQ assistant why are you doing that?
  • Do not keep the DAQ mx configure and the clear task inside the while it will take a lot of time to allocate resource again and again when you create a task inside the loop

Check the attached snippet for using DAQmx (You can optmize it)


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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my result not good, because, i can recieved result but that so big (very big) may be more than 400s

i did not know why?

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i show you pic of my result!

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Dear Anand

i using simulate signal to make sensor wworking!

i did not know about keep or not DAQ mx configure and the clear task inside the while, because this is the firsr time i use labVIEW!

i try to use your attached file! but i can not recieved accurate figures! ( may be minisecond or microsecond is good but i recieved more than 400 second)

can you help me! i did not know how to correct that!

help me!!! please!

i gave to you an image of my resulf!

thanks for your help!

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